Thursday, June 23, 2016

Dancing with Fireworks

There tells a story of a dog whose dream in life was to reach out into the skies and dance around the fireworks that his eyes met once in a long number of days, but fate forbid him in getting near the village where the festival takes place. Once, on the eve of his long-awaited time, he manages to run from his home before fate would grasp him. As free as the wind, he heads toward the lights. But fate did not look kindly of such act, and so, it readies itself. The dog, having the gates of the festival in his sight, ever so filled with joy for the anticipation of his arrival, the first firework is heard. His whole being was put to halt, facing upwards to the sky. He searches for the lights that should burst out, but there were none. The eyes that he held so attentively began to tire. He could start to hear more sounds of his cherished fireworks as sleep crept upon him, but his gaze would not look at his long-awaited dream.

There tells a legend of a spirit, who's face resembles much like one of a dog, that soars freely around fireworks on the night of the village's festival, almost like if it was dancing around them.


Well, what i SHOULD be doing is my game but i just couldn't help it, the idea came and so i drew.
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