Friday, May 20, 2016

First meh of a post

Well, i've been around these parts for a very long time but never actually thought of posting my arts before. By "arts" i mean traditional art, digital art, digital music, videogames, comics, stories i've come up with. Also some riddles and word puzzle games i used to do a while back.
Well, i did lie when i said that i haven't thought of posting but, back then, i would not show anything that i don't find "worth posting", and guess what- in the end, i shared NOTHING xD

Anyway, now i'm gonna post just about anything that i make with my new accounts, even if i consider it "not worth showing", or else i wouldn't post anything at all lol.

I'm currently working on a game "AI-KA". i'll probably upload a demo of it some day, i've been advancing very slow on it lately >.<'' but meh... life gets in the way a lot. Gonna post a youtube video of it also.

...also, am i the only idiot who would create a new account just for a name change? xp

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